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YES. Time wasted.

Biodegradeable bb's from non reputable manufacturers is a definite no go!!
If you could be so fortunate, try to get your hands on Bioval bbb.

They are the last bb you every purchase. The most environmentally friendly bb available in terms of materials used to make it, and the process in which they are made. (no carbon foot print)
Hard as heck, and will degrade after about a year. So premature biodegrading, and all that other bull about the moisture and shelf life being reduced after opening the package is a non -issue.
Performance is unmatched. Japan is 95% biodegradeable bb's and they are serious about performance. If you want quality though you will have to pay, as no other company pumps as much R&D in their product as bioval, and as such, the cost reflects it. It's also why they are impossible to find in Canada.

my $ 0.02

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Are biodegradeable bb's generally good quality? I have an offer from a guy I know for $7.50 for 1000 .20 bb's. Am I wasting my money?
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