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Well, I may have to deflect from the C7, C7A2 and C8 all togeather. I have found something I like. It may not be the greatest for a canadian loadout, but I have almost always wanted one of these. Its the ICS M4 S.I.R. from Mach1Airsoft. It looks OK, I just need some more information on it. The FPS looks good, and I like the upper reciever. I will weight until im AV'ed for the lower reciever.

Heres the link to it-

Also, what battery/charger would you reccomend. I was thinking of something around a 9.7v battery. Is that too much or could I use a even better battery? Also, what mah level should I aim for? 1500mah? 2000mah? 3600mah?

Thanks to everyone sofar with the help. I am really glad to see so many people willing to help out.

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