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I have all 3 of the Aftermath products, if you want the best of them get the Kraken AK47. You will get long range and accurecy(shoots average of 370fps @ aprox. 13bbs/sec), and a quiet gun that won't give your position away. Yes you can get after market rail kit to mount your scope. It is not as good in the bush because of it's length. The broxa sounds loud and mean and is pretty solid. Mine averages 355fps not 400fps they claim and only has half the range of the Kraken with accurecy. Great starter gun from right out of the box and all the rail you could need for attatchments. The Lycaon comes with a smaller battery and averages around 330fps. I have heard ppl getting as low as 267fps with it. It still has around 13bbs/sec and is also a good starter for cqb. As far as accurecy between the Broxa and Lycaon, it is a matter of spending some time getting the hop up adjusted. I have read that they both use a non TM compatable hop up and inner barrel, whitch if changed will improve the performance.(I have not taken mine apart yet, so I can't verify the TM compatable issue)
Good luck with you decission, I think you will be happy with any of the aftermath products.
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