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i myself just got the sig pro.... im very impressed. i own a usp compact gbb and i must say i find my self useing this sig pro way more... i find the sig to be very reliable and durable... yeah its not a gbb but who cares. in my experience gbb's are more head ache though i do like the realism of gbb's. the sig i find is very accurate. even at distances over 25ft its still does a pretty good job... the only thing i dont like is that the slide is fixed... but thats just one less piece to break.. and who really wants a gbb whit a plastic slide anyway they're forever breaking (S&W). anyhow this is just my 2 cents worth.... great gun cant go wrong i know lots of guys who use these "cheap" guns as there primary side arm for there league games. ive seen these things get the crap smashed out of them and they still work like the day the came out of the box.... i keep the usp around more for looks and like all the guys on ASC bragging rights... but like i said i find the sig pro way more reliable. which is what you want at the end of the day... a gun you can count on

peace ppl
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