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Well, I know ths is a dead thread, but I would rather not make a new one.

I have done some more research on this subject and I have a basic buying list.

-Canada C7 Magazine-$45.00 eack from Mach1Airsoft
-Butt Rubber-$15.00 from Mach1Airsoft
-G&P M4/M16 metal accessories set-$35.00 from
-G&P M4/M16 Ejector port cover-$3.00 from

I am going with G&G for sure now, but now I am torn between 2 guns. One from Mach1Airsoft, and one from 007Airsoft.

I could get the G&G CAS VERSION: GR16 A4 BEGINNER PACKAGE from Mach1Airsoft, or I could get the G&G GR16 A3 from 007Airsoft.

I believe they both have a fixed stock. The only differance is the price, the quality of the externals, and the lower reciever. The lower reciever of the A3 is a replica Canadian C8 lower reciever, while the A4 is just a normal G&G lower reciever.

I may go for the G&G GR16 A3 but the only problem is that it is a fixed stock. If this is so, how can I make a close replica of the C7A2? Would I have to buy a new lower reciever that is compatible with a new butt stock? If this is so, I will end up going with the G&G CAS VERSION: GR16 A4 BEGINNER PACKAGE. If im saving $80.00 that will have to go twords a new lower reciever, than I will go with the G&G CAS VERSION: GR16 A4 BEGINNER PACKAGE. If the G&G GR16 A3 does have a removeable stock, than I will buy that. Does anyody have any information about this?

Here is the link to the G&G GR16 A3-

Here is a link to the G&G CAS VERSION: GR16 A4 BEGINNER PACKAGE-

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: What does fixed stock mean. Sorta a really nooby question, but I have my own idea of what it means, I just need the real meaning.
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