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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Simply changing the battery to a 3500Mah 8.4v won't increase ROF enough to warrant that. I wouldn't suggest to any newb that they run a high speed setup, especially with a V2 gun shooting hot. There's a lot more to making a high ROF set up then putting in a stronger battery.
I agree- don't go and do this to your AEG until you've gamed it a whole bunch and learned firsthand tactics and strategies while playing on the field. An experienced player with a crap gun can easily pwn a newb with a PTW. It's not just the gun that makes the player.

Originally Posted by NoGear View Post
If i remember correctly a better battery also makes ur gun run more smoother.
A stronger battery will not make it run smoother- just faster so the grinding teeth sounds better. Instead, spend the $3 for a shim set and take an evening and properly shim the gears.
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