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Originally Posted by NoGear View Post
wile your buying the upgrades you should consider a better battery to slightly increase your ROF by 1+ bbs per second. If i remember correctly a better battery also makes ur gun run more smoother.
If you're going this route, I'd highly recommend changing the piston to a steel-toothed one, and adding a sorbothane pad. Then you can use an 11.1 Volt Lipo battery for some wicked ROF. or you could always use the mechbox stock until something breaks and then upgrade it at that point.

Also, a point if you are adding to the barrel length like I did, (by about 6 inches) you'll also need to get a matching ported cylinder. For now, though if you change just the hopup and the barrel (regular MP5 length), you'll have a very gameable AEG.
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