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King Arms is nice, but a lot of money.

For a brand-new, high-quality full metal AEG (like G&P, or King Arms), you are looking in the $650+ range. Brand new TM a bit less ($550+, except the new SOPMOD M4's, which are CONSIDERSABLY more expensive, and assuming you can find someone who has one). Any full metal or black plastic gun will come at a premium, and are difficult (not impossible) to get ahold of. If you don't have age verification, your chances of getting your hands on a non-clear AEG is pretty slim.

Used, both can be had for a little less ($100-$200 less, dependant on condition/model/upgrades/accessories) on these forums.

Keep in mind this is ONLY for the gun.

You will need batteries ($50+ each) and a charger ($35-$200, dependant of features), as well as multiple additional mags ($15-50 each, dependent on size, maker, quality, etc).
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