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I think what Shadow should have done if he wanted to rejoin the community would have been to send one of the mods an email asking for permission to do so, rather than shadily making an account and getting re-verified. That's personally what I would have done if that were my situation. An apology in the email would probably have been good too.

However, the correct way to deal with that kind of a situation is not really discussed much on the forum, and left mostly to the user's own deduction. A stickied thread on what to do if you have been removed for whatever reason and want a second chance could be a good idea (this is a suggestion, not a criticism). On the other hand, if step-by-step instructions to rejoin ASC after removal were so readily available, a user could feign solemnity just to get access to the classifieds (or whatever they want) again.

I didn't really think ahead, and I am left with nothing to conclude this post with... I guess just be open, honest, and respectful to everyone at all times? Anyways let's let this thread die, this thing is pretty much done.
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