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basically I will lay it out as plain as I can. Sniper rifles to be effective on the feild need to be upgraded to the 9's. The level of force these can generate is on the scary side, which is why people are very hesitant to let seasoned players use them . Let alone someone who (while having RS, Paintball yada yada....experience) is new to the feild, new to the style of play, players on it and tactics used. You want to use a stock sniper rifle, I would suggest the you get the tm m-14 (others have with good reason) just keep it in semi if you really want to. M-14 will out distance most stock sniper rifles and be as if not more accurate. I know it seems like we are jumping down your throat about it but take 10min and search the word sniper on this site you would see why most people get tired of answering the question.

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