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An update, of sort.

I've skirmished with the weapon once, accuracy was horrible.

Upon checking the hop-up units, the barrel was very dirty and packed with dry grease.

Hop-up rubber sleeve was crap.

Hop-up nub was not perfect either, not perfectly round or well-cut.

The barrel of the HK416 (full stock, 14.5'' version) is close to 400mm - longer than your standard M4 barrel, but still WAY shorter than the M16 barrel I believe.

Not luck finding a Vernier Caliper, but would be extremely intersting if someone can measure out the diameter off the barrel.

Things I replaced:
1) Guarder hop-up sleeve
2) Element hop-up nub (Guarder nub was too hard, over-hop-up even with hop off)

And that's it

Overall, very impressive package, but needs some maintenance work before it's field ready.
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