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neither, seriously, don't buy a sniper rifle. Get age verrified, and buy a AEG over the ASC classifieds. If you are serious about sniping then buy something with some longish range ability. Maybe a M-16 or a M-14. We see many, many new players come to this site, most of them wanting to become snipers, dreamin of 100 yard perfect shots while hiding in some tree, perfectly concealed. the problem is, as skladfin put it, unless your willing to invent a few thousand dollars in your gun, all your getting is a gun thats just as accurate as a M-16, but shoots a hell of a lot slower.

But, if you really have your heart set on sniping, go to a game, ask to try out a sniper rifle, get a feel for it. maybe it is for you, but just a heads up, most game organizers dont trust strangers with potentially danerous guns, many of them require you to have completed the sniper saftey training workshop.
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