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Alright completely disregarding the fact of complete criminal offenses, I'll give you some advice.

There is a range difference between an AEG and a sniper-based weapon. Main reason: Engine vs Bolt Action. It's damn near impossible to get a solid shot with 3+ rounds with an AEG (unless you hardcore upgraded your weapon of choice) due tot he fact that the mechbox is slamming out shots at a ridiculous speed. Just as an example, let's pretend it shoots 10 rounds per second. Because of the rate of fire, it's going to cause guide (or better known as accuracy) problems. You just can't continually push something at a rather high speed, and even when you're in semi, your weapon is designed for sustained rate. A nice example, go get 10 tennis balls, and throw them as fast as you can. Watch where they go. You probably won't have them all land in the same area, more or less have the same range.

Bolt action, on the other hand, only has to focus on firing one single shot. Bolt action also guides the shot a lot more consistently, and because it doesn't have to focus on loading the next shot into the chamber, all it's focus is set on just that one single shot. You can increase your range from something like a tenser spring, lets say an M200. Your accuracy is going to be based on your hop-up, the tightness of your barrel, as well as the length of your barrel. If you have your hop-up cranked, expect to hit the tips of trees. If your barrel is a stock barrel, there's more room for air to decompress around the shot, causing malfunctions in accuracy. If your barrel is too short, there isn't enough guiding the shot as straight as it could be. Setting a sniper rifle up to function properly however can be very tedious, even some of the most experienced airsofters don't want to do it, be it patience or just don't feel competent enough to wield one.

On the other hand, I could be entirely wrong, since I am not a ballistics expert when it comes to airsoft. Just based on what I know, though, that all made sense in my head. If I'm wrong, though, please correct me. I'd rather be corrected than ignorant.

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