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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
You can get ones with full metal bodies. Better hop-up units, better inner barrels, better built mechboxes (G&G's usually need at least a reshim -they used to have really bad gears but I think they're better now).

I've examined one of the G&Gs with a smoke lower and metal upper.. and although it wasn't bad, it didn't compare to a Classic Army. The full metal CA guns just feel better. They're heavier, more durable, built better, etc. However, better guns are also more expensive. You get what you pay for. A CA M4 will cost around $600.

Before you purchase one you may want to go out to a game and check out some equipment. Airsofters have no issue showing off their stuff.
I just may do that.
The guy who sells the G and G's also sponsors games and invited me to go with him (in hopes that I buy one of his guns LOL

I'll have to watch some games and see some stuff.
I dont think I want to spend 600+ on an AEG just starting off, so I think I may just stick with the lower end one first and work my way up if I get serious.

Thanks for the help Kalnaren.
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