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Originally Posted by Doktor View Post
I'll consider it, I just need to know how much better quality were talking about and how much price difference. The G and G's I saw are nice, look sturdy and are reasonably priced 310- 375. Id like to know WHY they aren't considered high end.
From what I've seen of the Cansoft G&G's from VA, pros:

They sound great.
The accuracy/range is on par with more expensive stock guns.
They are compatible with other brands such are TM, CA etc...

Their downsides are:
They have clear bodies. Nothing black paint won't solve, but it's still not a METAL body.
They still require some mechbox work to become reliable.
There are different types of G&G guns. CAS guns have been touted as lesser quality than 007, and VA G&G guns. Some of the combo kits are the low end G&G too.

They are not considered high end because they require modifications to reach the same par as high end guns. These are mostly cosmetic issues, but issues none the less.

Also, just as a casual observation, I had never seen a G&G M4/MP5 for sale in Canada until we got access to the clear body Canadian ones.

Originally Posted by Doktor View Post
I friggin hope so.

Can anyone tell me the difference in quality between the higher end and lower end G and G's other than the obvious clear receivers.
From what I've read, it's to do with the quality of metal used and quality control of the build.

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