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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
If you're 18 or over, check out this thread: Airsoft Canada

We have a process called "age verifacation" by which you meet with a rep of these boards, show ID that you're 18+, and get access to the classifieds here on the forum. That will give you access to much better quality, full black guns.

Basically, G&G guns are on the bottom of what we'd call the "good quality" guns. For the money their not too bad, but if you can get Age Verified you can gain access to much better guns.
I'll consider it, I just need to know how much better quality were talking about and how much price difference. The G and G's I saw are nice, look sturdy and are reasonably priced 310- 375. Id like to know WHY they aren't considered high end.
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