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Originally Posted by Buzzrexx View Post
If you have been on the site long enough, I think that Pus being an asshole would be in the best possible meaning of the word, if that is possible, LOL

At least I speak as one who has met him in person, and actually bought a GBB off of him- he's a cool guy. Don't take anything personal here- just don't assume that we will automatically flame you if you don't talk like an expert. Humility will take you a long way! Don't be afraid to learn!

BTW, the best way to get any of your airsoft questions answered is to GO TO A GAME!!! Guys love to show off their guns and stuff!

(Also, we are a lot less of a bunch of jerks in real life!)
right back at ya mate!

Tugg, I wasn't flaming you, I was just giving you some tough love, this is airsoft after all, not stamp collecting hehe
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