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I own a Broxa, and would highly recommend it, especially as an alternative to the Kraken for those who hate the looks of AK's.

From what I've seen on the field, the Broxa is at pretty much at par with the Kraken as a starter gun out of the box except for the fact that the Broxa's barrel is very short and the hopup is shit.

So the first thing you are going to find after gaming the Broxa a few times is that you are wanting better accuracy- this can be fixed by a tightbore barrel and a new hopup rubber. From who I've talked to, the Kraken doesn't have this as much because it's barrel is like twice as long. But again, if you hate AK's, then the Broxa is your choice. The mechbox also seems to be built a bit better than the Lycaon's.

But any of the lower-end AEG's you get, you'll be wanting to upgrade after time, especially if you are brave enough to open it up and do it yourself (trust me, it's not as hard as it looks)

The drawback to the Broxa is if you are using it for CQB, then the full stock is pretty cumbersome- you're going to want it out of the way. A friend ordered a CA collapsible stock and put the battery up in the foregrip. I should also note that the Broxa is 100% TM compatible.

Also with any gun you buy, #1 thing you should always do is to open up the mechbox and properly shim the gears- may take a bit of patience the first time you do it, but it will be well worth the smooth operation that you'll get from it. Search around on the forums for a detailed guide on how to do this.

I've upgraded the piston, cylinder and head; also added a sorbothane pad; changed to an M4 length barrel (hidden by a 6-inch mock supressor) and run it on an 11.1V Lipo battery. This is one wicked SOB that I've abused the crap out of and have gotten lots of kills with. Just order the parts from Jugglez ( as you feel the need to upgrade. Once you game it a few times you'll know what that is
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