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reliability- They're on the bottom of the pile as far as fieldable guns are concerned.

durabiltity-The Lycon is nearly completely plastic externals. I'm not a fan of MP5 collapsing stocks. Mine wobbles, and that's a metal stock going into a metal body. The other two are ok for ABS guns.

upgradability-Not sure about the broxa, but I believe the lycon is a CYMA 0.27 copy, and thus some very critical components like the barrel and hop-up are not TM compatabile.

accuracy- Crap. Crap inner barrels, crap hop-up, crap FPS consistency.

range- Depends on the weight of BB you shoot and how well you adjust the hopup. The Kraken probably has the best hop-up unit out of all of them, but it's still a far cry from high quality guns.

power- WTF is power? FPS means nothing.

looks- I'd take an MP5 over an AK any day, but to me all clear guns look like ass.

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