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Originally Posted by Tugg View Post
ok thx everyone for the help, im sorry if i came across as the asshole but i just wanted to make it known, that i have been doing my research. so once again im sorry. can osmeone tell me why exactly the kraken is better? i dont really like the look of it and thats why its not in the list only because first impressions mean a lot. now i seen on aftermath's site that a larger clip for the lycaon is $15, maybe more cuz thats USD. im alright with spending that and my bro said he will give me the side rail off his TF 16, so those problems are solved. thx
the kraken is better because it requires alot less mods to get it up to par with higher end guns, starting off with a better base means that you will need to spend less to get a nice gun, oh and it's called a mag or magazine not a clip.

if you don't have alot of money to start with the kraken is the best gun, unless you get age-verified and save a little more for a better gun in the classifieds.
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