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Aftermath Lycaon or Broxa?

Hey, first off, DONT SAY NIETHER. i am aware these arent the best guns and everything else but after reading up, i have found that they are all i need for my price range, and then some. so please dont be an asshole about it and unless you can answer my question, fcuk off.
anyways, i am trying to decide between these two guns here are my pros and cons for each.

-retractable stock
-removable orange tip
-metal gears
-small mag
-unsure if there is a rail for my dot scope

-hand grip (could really care less)
-obvious rail
-large mag
-solid stock
-plastic gears

so if anyone could add anything that would be great. also, why is the broxa more? cuz the rail system and hand grip? i hope not.
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