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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
this isn't the army. dont be fooled by people who do those "hardcore moves" you are referring to. dont get me wrong, i have a lot of respect for that and those who can do it. if my team gets everything together, we will be doing stuff like that this summer. not because we have to, but because its fun. most of the stuff you see on magpul sites and vids are cool, but almost or never at all come up in airsoft games. just make sure you can reload your gun on the fly as that is an important sill, as it switching from your primary to secondary. other than that, accurate shooting is also imortant

+1 all that, but I'd go further and say a huge part of the emphasis for "hardcore" stuff (training videos and whatnot) is placed on situational awareness, accurate fire, reloading, and weapon transitions anyway. At the end of the day, whether in airsoft or real life, those things are going to be more useful than doing mad flips and shit all over the place.

And as someone else pointed out, get your gear set up, and become familiar with it. Re-arrange the pouch configurations unless you're fully comfortable with where things are.
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