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Originally Posted by Turnbull View Post
I'm gonna have to agree with Donster, While its fun to do combat rolls until you can't stand up anymore, would you really be willing to do that and risk breaking your new toy? haha. Just do some plinking, set up targets at various distances and go to town. The reloading thing Donster mentioned is also crucial. It helps to get your vest/tac rig set up, with your mag pouches, etc, so you can practice reloading with the rig you're going to use to play.
+1 dont forget, that many of those roles and mag-reloads and tossing your gun down are down with REAL STEEL. real guns that are made for that kind of stuff. at the end of the day, dont forget that even if your gun is full metal, it is still at toy. treat it as such so it will last longer.
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