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Originally Posted by King Cobra View Post
Thank's Turn Bull for the information. Rickbo, Thank you aswell. Paintball has much less restrictions then Airsoft I've noticed but I think that's because most Paintball gun's dont even look a bit real... And in most situation's are not as dangerous as a Airsoft gun as they usually dont clock over 350 FPS. My dad and I went paintballing a couple time's together before I actually got into it cause he's the one who got me into it... Would a field let me play if my dad was with me playing?
I doubt they will even allow u play even if your father play with u. They like to enforce 18+ in most fields. some place will accept 16 but I don't know if there is one with except Xtreme tactics in Winnipeg but they don't allow sniper. But u are lucky to have dad support u. Just wait 4 years more to access all location. Or try to find place that accept 16+ with rental so u can try out different guns like I do before I decide my gun. Sniper don't always is best role for Airsoft game. Most operation has CQB involved.
my english is bad. however, It don't make up different on your ignorance.
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