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Some pointers from the pros?

Hay i was wondering if you guys can share some of the moves you do in the field so i can start practising

if anyone of you can make a training video on how to properly do certain types of manuvers, gun saftey etc it would help alot of us

iam also building a tiny field down were i live (it belongs to my parrents) and i was wondering how to make some great barracades etc.

can someone show me how to build an effective tactical shield just for fun?

on a side note: when reading the fourms i seem to find alot of sniper threads about joining right off the bat. Can i offer my solution? Create a test similar to the N driving test exept you put targets at certain distances and they have to judge the proper distance it might solve some of ur problems if you have the time to do that sort of thing. You can also have some written test before that with certain questions. If you pass the writen test you have to but an L or something on your back/Chest but you can only snipe if you have a someone near your side to help you out.

sorry for shotguning you guys with questions but i know some of you are willing to answer cheers!
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