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Originally Posted by King Cobra View Post
Hmm... In paintball they'll let you play if a parent drop's you off and sign's the forum :P Airsoft is much more strict.... I'll contact some of the local field's and ask them about there rule's and if they would let me play if I had consent with my parent's and I showed that Im responsible and respectful, and the first couple time's i'd play with my dad to show them i can be responsible and at any time if Im not responsible or respectful... they're welcome to boot and ban me from the field..
You can contact them all you want but to my knowledge there aren't any airsoft fields in Ontario that put games on without an ASC host to organize it.

It's not like paintball where you can just walk on and play. Airsoft games are organized via an ASC host. These hosts are the ones you need to contact when a game is scheduled. Being 14, you'll have to wait until you are at the least 16 and play with a parent along side. This is still up to the specific game host to allow or turn you away.

Take the time to read up and learn. Head out to some games to watch and interact with ASC members. Feel free to ask questions and there's always a good chance some will let you molest their gear and guns. Some may even let you shoot a gun or two in the chrony station just to get a feel for GBB's and AEG's. It'll just be a matter of how mature and responsible they feel you are. Once you start building that relationship and reputation, you'll find it much easier to be welcomed when you turn 18.
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