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Originally Posted by King Cobra View Post
Hmm... In paintball they'll let you play if a parent drop's you off and sign's the forum :P Airsoft is much more strict.... I'll contact some of the local field's and ask them about there rule's and if they would let me play if I had consent with my parent's and I showed that Im responsible and respectful, and the first couple time's i'd play with my dad to show them i can be responsible and at any time if Im not responsible or respectful... they're welcome to boot and ban me from the field..
It might be up to the host of the game as well, not just the field.
The field might not have a problem with you playing but the host/players might. I think in Ont. your dad would be the owner of the gun until you are 18, as stated if he's playing beside you 16 might be allowable to some hosts.
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