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Hmm... In paintball they'll let you play if a parent drop's you off and sign's the forum :P Airsoft is much more strict.... I'll contact some of the local field's and ask them about there rule's and if they would let me play if I had consent with my parent's and I showed that Im responsible and respectful, and the first couple time's i'd play with my dad to show them i can be responsible and at any time if Im not responsible or respectful... they're welcome to boot and ban me from the field..
Paintball pretty much legal until someone in government decides to make a law stating that you cannot show little 68 caliber pellets of vegetable from an pneumatic gun.

Airsoft treads a much more gray area of the law, which is decided on a whim by the police officers and thier mood.

And if your heart is dead set on a sniper, here's my suggestion. Buy a VSR-10 and only upgrade the barrel and spring, put on a scope if you want it to look a bit meaner. If you play lone wolf sniper, stalking techniques become of upmost importance and those you can learn with any old gun (a sniper makes any gun a sniper rifle, a sniper rifle does not make a sniper). If you stick with a squad, then the psyshological impact of having a few guys back you up while you have a 'sniper rifle' is actually not to be discounted.

I've pinned down a 5 man section in an open field because I setup on the treeline and didn't fire a shot, just scoped the lot of them out. They didn't wanna get shot from ranges they couldn't reach just yet (they didn't realize my VSR-10 at the time was completely bone stock inside, if I had fired I would've given that away).

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