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First, there's no such thing as snipers in paintball. Only guys who think they are, but have no meaningful advantage over anyone else except for that fact paintballs don't break on ghillie suits. Sniping in airsoft isn't even in the same world.

Second, Turnbull basically summed up everything I was going to say. In order for a sniper rifle to have any meaningful advantage over an AEG, you have to be willing to sink a lot of money, time, and effort into it in addition to the cost of the rifle itself. Read: $400+, plus a long time playing with hop-up, BB, and FPS combinations to really make it an effective weapon.

Second, you'll need a secondary weapon, either a really effective pistol (like a TM Mk23) or a small SMG like an MP5. That, plus the upgraded sniper rifle, is probably $1,000 in kit right there.

You have to keep in mind that you'll have very little range and accuracy advantage over people with AEGs. Sure, a well tuned sniper rifle is (more) consistent at long range than an AEG, but the fact that the guy with the AEG can get off 20+ rounds for every one you do more than makes up for it.

Sniping in airsoft isn't about making long range kills, or standing at the edge of a firefight trying to "pick people off" (which is difficult, if not impossible). It's about scouting and reporting, of sneaking and recon. It's not uncommon for a sniper to play a 5 hour game and fire their rifle only once or twice.

LIke we said, we're not telling you this because we hate n00b snipers.. it's because it's a very bad role to start in. A lot of newbies who start as a sniper only play one or two games because they don't enjoy it one bit.

A much better idea, if you like the long-range role, is something like a DMR, like an SR-25 or G3-SG1, or even an M16 or G36. All those have long barrels that make them very accurate, plus you can use them as assault rifles for the traditional (and generally more fun) assault roles.

Originally Posted by King Cobra View Post
Hmm... In paintball they'll let you play if a parent drop's you off and sign's the forum :P Airsoft is much more strict....
That's because in Airsoft, we play with 1:1 replica firearms.. and young kids generally do stupid things with those. Not all, but most. I wouldn't get your hopes up to be able to play at 14. I don't know any fields in Canada that allow that. Stick around though, show you're mature and responsible, and some hosts may have no issue with letting you play when you're 16.

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