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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Possessing an airsoft gun is not illegal.
Not only it reflects the community, it affects everyone..
Using the airsoft gun incorrectly can lead you by a police raid that can probably get you killed, or thrown into jail, where your parents have to do a bunch of paper work, and paying for the fines you have committed.
Yes, while not being illegal, the sale of an airsoft gun to a minor, is illegal. With the pressure that Airsoft, as a sport, is already under, having a minor running around with an aeg that his/her parents bought them can reflect badly on the airsoft community as a whole. On the other hand, if your parents are willing to become active members of the community, I know there are certain fields which allow minors who are over the age of 16, to play in an airsoft game, providing that the parents sign a waiver and are present. But that wasn't my point. What I was trying to get across is that as a minor, if you somehow bought a gun off a member of ASC, then the community will take a huge hit if there is an incident. I'm not saying that you'll go do something stupid, but should something happen, it will reflect very badly on airsoft as a sport, and a community.

The requirement of being 18+ ensures that everyone who purchases an aeg is legally responsible for their actions.

EDIT: Also, I just re-read my original post. I didn't say that owning an airsoft gun was illegal...
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