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As you may have noticed, many airsofters will tell you that buying a sniper rifle as a first gun is a bad idea. We don't say this because we don't like you, we're just offering a useful piece of advice.

In order for you to understand my point, you need to know some basic concepts involved with "sniping". First off, sniper rifles, on most fields, are allowed to exceed the normal velocity regulations for regular assault rifles, which is 400 fps (feet-per-second), by a margin of 50 fps. This means that while normal rifles can shoot at 400fps, a sniper can clock in up to, but not exceeding, 450fps. In the airsoft community, anything above 400fps is generally considered a "hot" gun. Due to this, many game organizers will feel uneasy allowing a new player to use an aeg (Automatic Electric Gun) clocking in over 400 fps, as it presents a safety hazard. As a sniper, you must consider that you have MER's (Minimum Engagement Range), which is a set distance that you must be away from your target in order to engage them with your sniper rifle. This rule is simply to prevent point blank fire with a sniper rifle, which is very dangerous, considering the high velocity of the gun.

Another basic concept that you should know is that a stock sniper rifle, meaning non-upgraded, will not have a range advantage over other aegs. This being said, fielding a stock sniper rifle will put you at a disadvantage compared to the other players for two reasons: Effective range and ROF (Rate of Fire). With a non-upgraded sniper rifle, you will not out range other aegs, combined with the strict "Semi Automatic Fire Only" policy towards sniper rifles, which greatly reduces your ROF, makes a non-upgraded sniper platform rather ineffective.

It is also worth noting that a complete sniper platform, including your rifle kit, ghillie suit, as well as vest, accessories and most of all UPGRADES to the sniper rifle, is a VERY costly endeavor. In order for the sniper rifle to be effective, you must heavily upgrade it, which can run you for alot of cash.

All this to say, I am not trying to hate on you, put you down, "flame a noob" or anything of the sort. I know how it is starting off, and thus I'm just trying to give you a perspective of the costs and requirements of pursuing the sniper path. By all means, after playing a few games, if you decide to follow this path, then go for it.


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