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While maybe not a great time to be trying to get into airsoft-as you have 4 years until you can become age verified and finally begin looking at the classifieds-This is a good opportunity for you to scout out the local teams and fields, read up some reviews on rifles/sidearms/gear, and see about spectating some matches or mil-sims.

I must say, though, that you've gone about this the right way... Introducing yourself and commenting on your switch-over instead of bluntly asking where you can buy an airsoft sniper.

If the local teams will allow you to spectate a few skirmishes or mil-sims (More likely they'll allow you if you offer to video tape battles from the game) they may find you responsible and allow you to take a look at their guns and possibly let you play earlier than your 18th with consent from your parents.

But do note that it is through ASC that most guns are traded/bought. You are about as likely to find a camel in the artic than to get an airsoft gun over the border.
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