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a sniper rifle for a first choice is a poor one! you will be outgunned. airsoft is a lot like paintball in that the bb wont always go where you aim it. You're best bet if you want to "snipe" is to get a DM rifle, such as an M14, M16/SPR etc etc. In this way, you can still snipe, get used to the physics and play style of airsoft, and not be outgunned as you can do semi and auto fire. Plus, with the guns that i just mentioned, you will be plenty accurate. i ran an entire year with a stock M14 and it was great. i just upgraded it, so we shall see how it all turns out. but ya, other than that, WAIT! that being said, DM isn't for everyone! the M14 is heavy and cumbersome. i dont mind it. i also stalk my prey and wait for them to pass me, and then i sneak up on them, sometimes within 15-20 feet and with NO ghillie. why? because i dont trust the ballistics of airsoft rifles enough. you have to learn to play and get the patience.
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