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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
LOL! Biggest joke ever... Brian got me all confused.

And I died laughing at the Jarek part.

Anyways, now we can tell who the real chairsofters are.
A teammate I work with popped open ASC on our shift and chuckled. The first thought I had was "hey, thats cool that they care enough to celebrate the day with the membership". This site is always up for the seasons, changing the decorum and whatnot. We enjoyed it, for two.

I quoted the comment above for truth. I'm also a member on JOC, Calgary's airsoft site, where there is decidedly less road rage. When people live and play in the same city, you tend more often to think of who you are talking to as the friend they are, or at least the guy you remember as being a good sport. Communication tends to be given a moments thought. Non-constructive negativity is a reliable indicator to those who cannot put names to faces.

An ounce of wisdom: If one must vent, type it out - then go take a big sh!t and think about it before hitting send. How would you respond to your own post? 80%* of the rhetoric will find itself pointless given this moment to consider. Remember, its easier to take back what hasn't been said.


* actual % of rhetoric may vary, if you're only getting 10%, its a start.
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