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Hello all, I'm new, anyways, I'm looking into buying a P90 but I don't know which one to buy. From what I hear, Echo 1's E90 is a pretty decent gun, with a high FPS (~350) however, they currently don't have a version with the integrated RDS. For that reason alone, I'm wondering if I should buy the slightly slower FPS (~330) and cheaper Classic Army 'CA90'. I'm looking for the durability and higher FPS of the Echo 1 gun, but possibly with an integrated RDS receiver, instead of the TR one. In your experienced and knowledgeable opinion(s), which would be a better gun to buy, and would it even be possible to replace the Echo 1's TR receiver with a regular RDS one?


I would just like to ask where you bought the CR90TR that ships to canada, i really love P90s/CR90s but cant find anything other then 30$ beginner class weapons, if you could please provide a link for the webpage or a name of the buildinng that would be great, although i live in calgary, alberta, it would be greatily aprecated, thanks
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