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I actually own this gun its made by firepower so please take my advice when i say

youne as well throw ur money away lets face it when i looked at this gun and quote un quote ohh look at all these accessories yey! the silencer may screw up the guns zeroed aim, the clip broke on mine the first time the battery overwelmed the motar or short fused something

though it did shoot fairly well max effective range is 65 ft there are many problems

1: somethimes the semi function won't shoot resulting in automatic mode + hard to properly discharge the spring

2: once you hear Zizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ur mag is screwed

3: the red dot sight may be damaged

a little first had experiance about firepower they fix the guns that are broken and sell them brand new so somethings may be damaged in my case the redot site and some type of grease inside the mech box

fixed hopup

basically some of my anger is towards palaco for wasting my 150$

hope you learn from my mistakes Cheers!
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