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Originally Posted by Nick_273 View Post
I went through about 2,000 shots before i replaced my first rubber. At the time i was using way to much silicon oil to lube my gun which caused it to swell up. I bought 3 (1 to use plus 2 for replacement) after that happened and i have yet to use my replacements.

As long as you don't over lube the gun i don't see you needing a hop up replacement in a long time. The stock (plastic) rocket valve lasted about 2 weeks before it gave out in my G19, so you'll have other parts break before the hop up.
Yikes! I better stop over lubing it then. I got into the habit since my KWA P226 air nozzle broke due to under lubing. How would you know when the rocket valve breaks? Does it just spray out all the gas? I cant really tell on your avatar, but do you have the PGC slide?
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