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Originally Posted by KND View Post
Here is the part I recommend you to upgrade on your Glock.

First, get a metal slide and barrel if you are able to get one, once you get both of them, then time to upgrade internal. There are only a few thing you might want to upgrade, the rest are just in case the stock is broken, plus it's not really necessary to upgrade though.

-Upgrade recoil spring to Guarder or King Arm,
-Upgrade the mag catch to Guarder one, would save you a lots of headache in longevity of usage
-Get a tightbore if you want more accuracy.
-Get a few extra hop up rubber, you will need to replace soon if you enjoy shooting a lots.

Only those little upgrade will make your Glock last for long more than you can think off.

Thanks KND. By doing enough research, I was able to save quite a bit of money plus shipping. For the hop up rubber, how many shots do you think before i would need to replace it?
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