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Revolution's technology is more in line with the internals of a PTW than an AEG. While it's made to replace a V2 gearbox, zero parts are V2 compatible. It's totally its own unique design.
Unless you get an M130 or higher, it has standard gears, set of three, you only get the fourth gear and new reverse motor in the higher spring boxes. On that note the bushings should be compatible. Its a unique design with no replacement parts available and an untested circuit board as to whether it shorts out when wet or not. I have played in rain so hard you're practically swimming, two days later I opened my mechbox and there was still water (and rust) inside the mechbox shell (rust was on the gears.) It may be harder for water to get in there but its also harder for it to get out. I bought a normal Turbo mechbox, not a revolution, and one 7mm bearing bushing blew out within 1000rnds, go SystemA.
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