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I've got stuff that's been in there for months waiting "to determine admissability". I'd say about 2/3 of my orders are heldfor at least 2-3 weeks. I've even got an order that's been there for about 2 years. I call them from time to time to check on the status. It's always "Pending review"..... I always deal with one of 3 different people, and they've always been very cordial and as helpful as I think they can be. Treat them well and they'll do the same, in my experience anyway.

I even got one of them to help me get another order released, after being told it was being seized. Like the previous posters have said, be polite and respectful and be educated in the legality fo what you're bringing in and you'll get way farther way faster than calling them up and bitching and complaining.
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