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Canadian customs issue.

I have recently had my first issue with the customs agency. My package was seized. The package contained the following:

1 x Condor Single Point Bungee Sling - Single Bungee. (Black)
1 x Matrix / Echo1 Reinforced Hop Up Seal Chamber for Marui Type M14 Series Airsoft AEG
1 x Matrix Reinforced Hop-up Unit for G3 Series Airsoft AEG Rifle.
1 x WE Spare Magazine for P08 / Luger Series Gas Blowback.
2 x MAG 100 Round Magazine for Mp7.
1 x G&P AK Slant Full Steel Compensator.
1 x Complete Gearbox for TSD/DE/G&G UMG A.E.G.
1 x FUBAR Velcro Patch. (OD)
1 x Matrix Military Ranking Embroidery Patch with Velcro - Master Sergeant.
1 x King Arms Funny Patch w/ Velcro.(OD)
1 x NC Star Compact Tactical Red Dot Scope.(On/Off Switch)
1 x Guarder Ammo Cheek Pad for Rifle/Shotgun.
- Color: Black
1 x ICS AK Butt Plate.
To my knowledge none of these items are restricted. If that's not correct let me know. The letter i got stated something along the lines of the following:

1x Receiver
1x Optic/sight
4x small parts
3x magazines
2x slings/straps
3x patches/magnets
My package is in miss. What are my next steps. Do i take a trip down and explain what everything is? Is the package lost forever?

Input please. Thanks again all.

Level 2 BA Certified
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