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My Brand Bew Gun Is Acting Strange

I just got a g&p m4a1, I paid 295 dollars for the gun from Charged the batteries for 2 hours and put them in my gun. When I did, it was very hard to put in at first, but when i shot it without hand guard it was fine. When i put hand guard on it didn't fire. I got a relative to help me, he looked at the wires and said they looked fine. He tested each one though, and said that whenever he bends the wires on the battery and gun connectors, it doesn't fire. Whenever the wires bend it creates a problem. I just got the gun today, and I don't know why it did this. I saw 3 sparks go through the connectors when he tested without hand guard on. He basically bent each wire to see, then dry fired with each exact wire. It is hard to figure out what is wrong with it due to the wires looking just fine.Please help.
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