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the choice of weapon for me is based off my main playing area. I play outdoors and therefore i chose a gun with good accuarcy over range, was quiet(as a aeg can be I guess) and when called for bring the nessary fire power on target. I don't know what the playing area on mars is like so I can't help you there. Also a concideration is versatility, would the gun your chosing adapt to your playing style. I'm a flanker, I know it and it's what I do best. Accordingly a short compact weapon is not really nessary for me and accuracy is more of a concern than ROF for me. Just about everyone else has answered you in negative manner ,not with out reason. You haven't bother to fill out your profile, which makes it harder to help you and quite franky if you don't want to take the 5min to fill it out why should others take the 5min to help you. Also your knoledge of the preposed guns seemed flawed, which again if I knew where your from roughly I could direct you to a local club. From there you could, if you ask politly, try out some different models of weapon and see if you can get a game or two in so you can see what you like before you sink your money on a weapon you may or may not like or maybe not fit your playing style. I am not here to bust your balls but you have to help us help you. So good luck in your airsoft future, also if you get age verfied you gain access to the buy and sell where you can get great guns at great prices. I also would like to add that this sites FAQ is massive and maybe seems like there is a tons of stuff you don't want to know but there is a ton of info on guns, how they work and the upside/downside of different types and brands. Feel free to PM me any questions you have. Again welcome and good luck

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