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Coming Soon.

Well I will be shortly getting my G19. I would love to do upgrades soon for it. I need opinions on which type to get since there are so many out there to choose from.
  1. Slide
  2. Recoil Spring
  3. High Blowoff Valve

So for slide, I am going to be safe and purchase from I am already getting the metal slide on it but I was looking at the PGC Metal Slide/Barrel Set KSC Glock 19. What's the difference between the PGC and the KSC stock one? I noticed that the PGC had the "Glock" trademark on it compared to the stock one.

Recoil spring there are two types; Hurricane or King Arms?

High Blowoff Valve there are also two types; Action high output valve Action high output valve or King Arms High Output Valve.

The other things that aren't listed that I was thinking of getting was a Proud Enhanced Plug Spring, Shooters Design Rocket Valve, Guarder Spring - Hammer for KSC.

Would those listed above be any good to invest in? I am not particularly too sure what exactly those do. I am guessing the hammer spring will increase the force to the striking of the hammer. The other two i am clueless but upgrades make me happy for some reason. I was not really able to upgrade my last two GBB. I had the KWA P226 PTP and the KWA M9 Tactical PTP. I just upgraded the springs and the P226's slide and grips. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. HORRAY FOR TAX REFUNDS!
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