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Ok, had a chance to send a few 0.36g and 0.40g BBs downrange last weekend (as well as a couple dozen .308 rounds) and while I didn't get too many 0.40g BBs off, I found the 0.36g BBs, with full hop up on my M24 (have it set up for around 430fps w/.20g in fairness of others that have to abide by the 450fps max rule......... me included now), at an aimed dead on distance (set at 30ft, has served me well in the past up to 0.30g BBs), the 0.36g Bastards would hit about a foot to a foot and a half low at a measured 138ft. But at least they were relatively consistantly hitting low like that. So this weekend I'll have to spend my time as CO of the Green team, on the radio barking orders and dialing in my M24 for 200ft if I can, likely have to settle for 150ft and shoot with sme elevation offset like normal shooters have to deal with.

Anyways, 0.36g is pretty heavy right now, have to game it and 0.30g, add to the review, the try out the 0.40g, but likely they will be not very useful in the <450fps setting, but stand by. I'd still love to see a 0.33g or 0.34g BB out there as consistant as the Bastards. So my 0.40g might end up being Glock 19 ammo for the year.
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