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It's okay Tys, It's a legitimate and perfect example to use. As it was my first AEG purchase, I in no way feel ashamed or anything like that about our meeting. I do however need to thank you for helping me out, and not charging me a dime. It is something to watch out for, and strengthens the fact that it's best to do a local pickup if possible, and bring the gun to a gun doc just to have it checked out. An inexperienced buyer can make several mistakes trying to diagnose problems, and in most cases it's worth it to bring the weapon to someone who knows their stuff. Case in point: A friend of mine recently bought an AEG from the classifieds, and it worked perfectly... until he decided to disassemble it. Upon putting it together, the weapon wouldn't fire. However, a quick check on youtube revealed the problem, and it was a very simple fix. My point is that experience always wins, and any weapon you buy (brand new clearsoft or otherwise) has a chance at having something wrong with it, though in most cases it's something small. So again, I can't stress this enough, bringing your first AEG to a gun doc is a very wise choice.
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