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Re-selling your gear

Now I'm not having a go at you for asking the price that you people are asking for your AEG', GBB' and sniper rifles but... Most of us upgrade our gear. We do it because we love it, we want to tweek it here and there to make it our own and to also make it perform better. Now all of the MODs cost money. So now we have this super cool kit but need to sell it after a while either to get new stuff or just to make ends meet.

With the credit crunch the way that it is going and times are only getting harder I would advertise my upgraded kit for a reduced maybe slightly more than new but not 50% more price so that my kit would sell.

I mean really once you drive the car off the lot it's not new anymore and depreciates daily. I realize we need to recoup some of the costs but in these times where cash is tight shouldn't some allowances be made?

Just a thought.

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