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Small confession here....I'm definitely part of a REALLY stupid underage airsoft video. Along with countless pictures (our photogropher had a very itchy trigger finger). That was when I was in grade 12. And only 17. There were a couple of 18 year old I was playing with that got us guns, but the rest of us were 17.

Now, I'm 19 going on 20 and I've been posting on ASC for a couple of years. I've been out to a few games, and I like to think I've conducted myself well on the field. I attended tys' workshops...twice.

I hear the question, and I'm about to answer it.

The point of this post is to give an example that people can do terribly irresponsible things with airsoft guns and a year or two later be decent members of ASC. Give the boys a chance - kids DO learn. As pointed out above, there are consequences to your actions and part of growing up is learning that and accepting that your actions dictate what said consequences are.

These guys have been thouroughly flamed and pulled their video from youtube. They know we know where they live. To be honest, I think that if they really want to play, they'll either join us or try and work around us. Which they do is purely up to whether or not the ASC door is open to them. I'm willing to bet that yes, they knew about ASC. Not only that, but they knew it was 18+ only. But let's face it: high school kids have little money, less sense, and are really impatient. ASC also throws a pretty milsim-heavy vibe which quite frankly is not for everyone. Did these guys do something wrong? You betcha. Does that deserve some retribution? Yes. But I think getting torn a new virtual asshole and then being told that a number of people who play wargames and own replica (and probably a few real) guns know where you live and are a hair's breadth away from reporting you to the police should probably do it.

That being said, it sounds like they are trying to reconciliate. And ASC's role as the largest airsoft community in Canada should be to accept and nurture new players - not completely destroy misguided ones. (note: "nurture" does not mean "spoon feed"). I mean, that's what ASC is here for, right? To facilitate safe, responsible play of Airsoft in Canada. Putting a lifetime ban on these guys is like stripping someone of their liscence for getting into one car accident or making life in prison the minimum sentence for theft. Not to mention they'd probably just try and do it again and be more sneaky about it. If the community REALLY wants to endorse any sort of ban, I say it should be for a year or two max as a "growing up period." Otherwise, let them apologize and let the reforming and educating begin.
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