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Glad to hear one of the AEGs I've worked on is still going strong. I've bought and sold the odd thing here...and am on the forum occasionally...

Here's my take on buying used AEGs.
1. ALWAYS research the seller. Trader Feedback is important...but as important are those who are giving it.
2. ALWAYS leave feedback...good or bad. Otherwise, how will the next guy know any better
3. Review the seller's previous posts...if they write like a retard/a**hole, why would you want to deal with that person
4. Never rush into buying something...even if it's the deal of the century (it gives guys like me more time to snap it up). Rush right in once you're very familiar with what you're getting.
5. ALWAYS try to buy locally so you can handle/inspect it, test it, pay for it and take it home. ZERO satisfaction errors that way...for both the buyer and the seller.
6. ALWAYS ask A) are there any cosmetic issues, missing parts, etc..? B) are there any functional issues, problems, etc...?
7. ALWAYS get the sellers/buyers real name and contact number.

This is just a personal thing...
8. Always consider having a "new" (i.e. new in your hands) AEG checked out by someone who knows what they're doing...especially if you don't know what you're doing. You'll finish with knowing exactly what's in it, how it performs and what if any issues there are. Good gun docs will also typically have leads/info on accessories, parts, general sh*t...and they're usually good sources of "filtered" info (i.e. the same info can be found on this site and others...but there's a lot of junk to wade through).

Last week a guy came by with an AEG that he paid $500 for...and it wasn't working despite "working before I shipped it". I took one look at it, pointed out 2 functional issues and said he was misled and if it was myself I'd ask for my money back. I also showed him examples of what would be more appropriate quality for different price ranges...and what made up that quality/price. Spent about 2 hours chatting and Q&A. I didn't end up charging him a dime...and I think that he ended up getting his money back (not my business).

So get around. Find local. Try before you buy. Buy your gun doc TimBits to keep him happy (no chocolate ones).


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