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Originally Posted by matty12h View Post
Thanks for the information Crunchmeister, I understand what you mean by pricing, I expected it to be more expensive than foreign prices because Canadian retailers import from Asia I believe?

I guess I will take your advice and wait till I get age verified, and look at the full black airsoft guns and the used.

So I am guessing used guns are reliable? What would I need to check for?
Not 100% on this, but I'm pretty sure that the higher cost has to do with airsoft being in the "grey" area of the law. You can find a lot of information on the topics in certain forums on here (they're stickied, good reads when you're bored!). It has to do with the importers having to have liscenses, the added fees, and apparently they can only (sometimes?) import 3 at one time (something to do with replica importing, which in the nature of our sport, all our guns are.. or at least the black ones)

Used guns are SOMETIMES reliable. Case in point, I bought a used ICS M4 for $300 in the classifieds (which is a steal considering it's full metal.. good quality gun.. if you check out ICS even their cansoft plastic lowers are 400 and upwards) only to find out the guy used a 450 FPS spring and lead to all sorts of gearbox wear and tear, and other problems. It hasn't fired properly since I got it, and this is after I put a new motor in it.. but that's what gun techs are for. It's my fault though, I bought off someone with no feedback, and when I went to get it (face to face deal) he explained what was wrong with it, but he didn't have a clue on what was going on internally (or he did, he explained it as a battery failure which was more or less wrong, because the gun failed with new batteries in it..)

But, my friend bought a CA AK47 in the 700 range (unsure of exactly what he paid) and he got a well maintained, working gun. All upgrades were installed by a guntech (m102403289382 whatever the hell his name is :P) and it shoots like a dream.

Most sellers are upfront and VERY fair about their products. Many people even offer to buy back the gun if it fails (not everybody, though), and usually if the gun has a known problem, the seller lists it. Also, ASC's feedback system will give the buyer a general idea of who the seller is, and how they treat their equipment. You can even look back at their previous posts and maybe find something dirty about their gun (a doctors corner post maybe?).

Realistically, when buying a used gun you want to check the sellers feedback for negative feedback, maybe search his/her old posts, maybe ask around/research the model of gun you are buying for any known problems (ie failures that are commonplace, like safetys breaking in ICS, or crappy motors). If upgrades were installed by a guntech, or the seller has a guntech he frequents often, chances are the gun is probably in great shape. If at all possible you should try and arrange a face to face deal so you can try before you buy, and actually see it with your own eyes.

Hope this helps!
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